About Our Shave Ice Syrups

Originally, Under our first Shave Ice Company, Ke Anuenue Shave Ice, we were using  Ready To Use or RTU shave ice syrups. Although these RTU syrups ingredients had natural flavors, We began to read up about refined white sugar. artificial food coloring and high fructose corn syrup. The more we read, the more we became disturbed about selling flavors made with (even tho labeled as pure natural sugar) white cane sugar grown with harmful pesticides, artificial food colors and High fructose corn syrup.

Now you can enjoy organic & all natural shave ice flavors! 100 % Artificial FREE Shave Ice Syrups!

Your health is very important to us! We  serve  only certified organic & all natural highly concentrated flavors made from the finest ingredients nature provides as well as Homemade Certified Organic &  No Spray  fresh fruit shave ice flavors such as Tahitian Lime, Lilikoi (passion fruit) and Apple Banana (all locally sourced) & Organic strawberry, Blueberries and Rasberry. We even offer a local ginger candy syrup (my favorite!). We make our syrups daily with OrganicCane sugar as our base and lightly sweetened and all natural food coloring, creating a 100% Artificial Free Shave Ice! No High Fructose Corn Syrup!! Pesticide Free!

This means that your shave ice delight will not have any toxic chemicals or harmful ingredients.  Toxic food coloring found in other shave ice products and everyday foods has been linked to hyperactivity, poor health, even autism.  That is why we use Nature’s Flavors natural food coloring, made of all natural ingredients to color our shave ice flavors.  Not only is it not toxic, it actually contains vitamins and minerals, making this dessert good for you!

We are currently working on a sugar-free syrup for those that are watching their sugar intake.