House Specialties

Our House Specialities:
The Original Kona Mudslide- Shave ice for the Kona Coffee lovers…The Kona Mudslide is one of our signature creations!
This gourmet shave ice starts with a scoop of Waimea’s own, Tropical Dreams premium Kona coffee ice cream,  in the middle , covered  with soft, melt in your mouth shave ice flakes, then the smooth flowing  100%  Medium Roast Kona coffee syrup added,  finalized with a snow cap – (sweetened condensed milk or a coconut cream topping).

The Coconut Dream Team: This house special is for the serious coconut lovers! Meet the All Star Premium Players: Homemade CreamyCoconut  Shave Ice Syrup, Premium Coconut Ice Cream (in the middle) & Coconut Cream Cap (drizzled as a topping)- Coconut to da max!


Shave Ice Flavors:
Here is a list of our organic & all natural shave ice flavors!
Strawberry, Rasberry, Blueberry and Cherry (Certified Organic Fruits)
Blue Vanilla, Vanilla Bean
Lilikoi, Pineapple, Coconut, Tahitian Lime, Guava (passion fruit – Locally sourced no spray/pesticide free
Apple Banana – Local Certified Organic
**Li Hing Mui (a local favorite of sugar and salty spice) Although the brand we use contains no aspartame, it does have red dye . We are soon to have an all natural brand with no color and no aspartame! Coming Soon!

Other Specialty Flavors: Super Premium Certified Organic Matcha (ceremonial green tea),

Certified Organic Vanilla Bean, Certified Organic and or Local No spray ginger and although not certified organic, but has soil tested and passed with flying colors, an award winning 100% medium roast kona coffee bean.

Our Fun Flavors are Sourced from a flavor specialist  that uses organic and natural raw plant, root and spice materials to create amazing flavors:
Orange Cream Soda, Cola, Cream Soda
Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Marshmallow
Cherry, Rootbeer , Grape

Additions:  Here are some additions that you can add to your shave ice treat!
Ice Cream:  Add some ice cream at the bottom of or in the middle of  the shave ice to make a real delight!
Our ice Island made Premium ice cream flavors are from Waimea’s own Tropical Dreams and Hilo Homemade brands… 
Kona Coffee
Green Tea, Lychee, Banana Cream, Mango and Coconut Sorbet, Salted Caramel

and Vanilla Macadamia Nut

Snow Cap:  
A Snow Cap is a swirl of sweetened condensed milk to top off your shave ice treat!

** Lihing Mui is the only flavor that has artificial red coloring. We are working on making our own natural version! Coming soon!