Sustainability: Biodegradable Shave Ice Cups, straws, and spoons

Malama ‘aina means to care for and nurture the land so it can give back all we need to sustain life for ourselves and our future generations.

One small change can make a BIG difference!

Here at One Aloha Shave Ice Company, we are  happy to do our small  part to help malama our precious aina by using biodegradable shave ice flower cups from plant based material rather than from trees!

Most other shave ice cups are colored plastic, but we use biodegradable cups that are clear.  This means no toxic plastic in your delicious dessert!

We offer metal spoons for those dining in to make the experience a little more classy, and offer biodegradable spoons for those on the go.

We also offer paper straws instead of plastic because this helps keep the plastic bits and pieces out of the ocean, which end up hurting our wildlife, such as our turtles.


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