Suggested Combinations

Here are Some of Our Popular Flavor Combinations:

The TLC:  Tahitian Lime (tart), Lilikoi (Passion fruit), and Coconut .  Leilani’s favorite!
The POG:  Passion (lilikoi), Orange, and Guava!  Makes for a great local favorite.
The Classic Rainbow:  Blue Vanilla, Banana, and Strawberry
I’m Berry Special:  A combo of our berry flavors:  Strawberry, Raspberry, and Blueberry
Island Splash!:  A tangy combination of Tangerine, Tahitian Lime, and Lilikoi (passion)
Raspberry Swirl:  Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, and Coconut make this a whirl of a swirl!
Strawberry Swirl:  Same combo as above, with Strawberry instead.
Kona CocoNilla:  100% Kona Coffee syrup, Coconut and Vanilla Bean.
Kona ChocoNilla   If you’re not a Coconut fan, try it with our organic Chocolate syrup!
S’mores Shave Ice:  Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Marshmallow:  amazing!

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You can add a scoop of ice cream to any of these, or one of our Snow Caps or even Azuki Beans!

Enjoying Strawberry Shave Ice with Azuki Beans
Enjoying Strawberry Shave Ice with Azuki Beans