Organic Shave Ice

Mehana.Nakoa Oahufriends Shannon.Kaitlin.Nakoa SanFran.Filipino.Ohana RyanAmber.PonoWhat is Shave Ice?

In Hawai’i, this refreshing treat is known as Shave Ice, or Ice Shave, depending upon what part of the island you are from.  In Hilo, people tend to say Ice Shave, but on the Kona side, we say Shave Ice.  Notice that you drop the “d”; it is not ‘shaved ice’, but shave ice.

Shave Ice is made from a block of solid ice that is shaved into a fine powder.  This is very different from the Snow Cone, which is merely crushed ice.  Finely shaved ice is a completely different experience than any other crushed ice dessert that you have tried!